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The INNO-VEG Innovation Network aims to facilitate innovation between the precision farming/sensor technology industry, research organizations and the field vegetable and potato sectors through:

  • Dissemination of information from the INNO-VEG project,
  • Hosting ‘networking’ meetings, and
  • An online innovation hub which provides a forum for members to engage with other members of the INNO-VEG Innovation Network.

By joining and taking part in the Network you agree to abide by our Terms of Use outlined below.


Our Terms of Use

  1. Information shared within the Network and in the online Innovation hub must be relevant to the aims of the network. We reserve the right to remove content that we decide is not relevant to the aims of the Network.
  2. The Innovation Network aims to provide a positive environment to share information and experiences for the benefit of all members. We ask that members are respectful of this and share our aims when participating in the network. We do not moderate information before it is shared by members, although we reserve the right to remove anything that we feel does not meet our rules.
  3. Members must not share libellous or in any way abusive remarks about another individual or company within the network. We reserve the right to remove content that we decide is inappropriate.
  4. Members can join as themselves or as a representative of a company. Members can post details of services their company offers in the Services directory and they can post about these services in the Innovation hub. However, members must post under their own or company name from a single account and must be clear about their affiliation with an organization and not seek to deceive other members as to their identity when posting in the Innovation hub. For example, if you are a company offering a new service relevant to the Network you may post details about this service in the Innovation hub such as ‘I am a representative of company x and we are now offering a new service to do y and z, please visit our website for more details’. You must not pretend to be a farmer or other independent member and post comments or endorsements about a service you offer.
  5. Members can edit content that they post in the Forums, but they can only delete a ‘Comment’ or ‘Reply’; members cannot delete a ‘Topic’ or ‘Post’ that they have added. If editing a post, members are asked not to change it so that comments/replies to the post no longer make sense. We have allowed members to edit their own posts so they can add further information or clarify their original post – this is best done by adding additional lines with ‘clarification’ and the date added. If you edit a post to change its original meaning so that the discussion below the post no longer makes sense, we reserve the right to remove the thread or to add an ‘Admin’ comment to your post. We do not remove content on request. Members are therefore advised to ensure that they are happy before posting. At all times members will be held accountable for the content they post in the Forum.
  6. The Innovation Network includes information provided by third parties. We accept no responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of information posted by third parties. Dissemination information provide by third parties within the Network does not imply that we endorse the information. Any action you take upon the information you access from the Network is strictly at your own risk and we will accept no liability for loss, damage or injury however caused or suffered directly or indirectly in relation to information and opinions published on this website.
  7. We reserve the right to remove any content that does not meet our rules. We reserve the right to remove members from the network if they fail to comply with our rules.
  8. All members of the INNO-VEG Innovation Network must abide by our Terms of Use. Members are expected to show respect and tolerance to other members and their opinions. If a member has a grievance they should send it in writing to innoveg@adas.co.uk including ‘Grievance’ in the email subject. The network Management Group will review the grievance and provide an outcome within 3 months of receipt. The Management Groups’ decision will be final.
  9. These Terms of Use may be changed at any time without notice.


About us

The INNO-VEG Innovation Network was established as part of the Interreg 2 Seas INNO-VEG project. The INNO-VEG project runs from 12/07/2018 until 30/09/2022. Further information about the project is available at https://www.interreg2seas.eu/en/innoveg. The INNO-VEG Innovation Network Constitution can be viewed here. You can contact us by emailing innoveg@adas.co.uk