Demo-afternoon smart farming and robotization

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Burg. van Gansberghelaan 115, 9820 Merelbeke, Belgium

Demo afternoon Smart Farming and Robotization - with network lunch

Event Category: Industry event

Event Date: 21 April 2022


Free fries lunch with network moment
Welcome and short presentations
Interactive exhibition stands that can be visited continuously
Live Demonstrations
Closing network reception



12h-13h30: Free fries lunch with networking moment

Exhibition stands around the digital developments of the European SmartAgriHubs project. Contacts can be made with the Flemish and Dutch technology companies, farmers, contractors, research institutes and consultancies that have participated in the SmartAgriHubs project.

13:30: Welcome and short presentations

Short presentations of the Interreg-Vlaanderen-Nederland trajectories CIMAT on the development of multifunctional robots and machines for smaller crops and Smart Growers on the application of smart farming systems in weed control, irrigation and crop monitoring.

14h30-16h: Live demonstrations

  • 14:30: “Place-specific thermal weed control via drone, 5G and agricultural robot in potatoes” from the CIMAT and SmartAgriHubs project

A drone will take live images of a potato field and transfer these images to the cloud over 5G. Weeds in the potato field will be detected via artificial intelligence and a real-time task map for site-specific weed control will be drawn up. After the drone flight, an agricultural robot equipped with a weed burner will fight the weeds based on this task card.

  • 3 pm: “Alternative weed control in blueberries via small-scale robot and precision sprayer” of the CIMAT and Smart Growers project

A small-scale robotic platform equipped with RTK GPS and autonomous navigation will detect weeds on the ridges via a multispectral camera. A precision sprayer with section control will dose site-specific pelargonic acid at high resolution in areas where weeds are present.

  • 3.30 pm: “Drone as a flying assistant for agricultural vehicles” by FlandersMake

Flanders Make will demonstrate a test setup in which a drone is connected to a ground vehicle via a cable. The drone flies and lands automatically and follows the movements of the ground vehicle based on the selected position. The power cable allows the drone to stay in the air for as long as it needs to, while sending high-resolution images and sensor information down to support various ground vehicle work functions. A striking application of this is, for example, the detection of deer calves in the grassland during mowing.

2 pm-5 pm: Interactive, manned exhibition stands that can be visited continuously:

  • Smart Growers: Green and thermal alternatives for weed control with mechanical techniques and the use of pelargonic acids

The Smart Growers project investigates green and thermal alternatives for controlling weeds. This includes the use of pelargonic acids, the use of mechanical hoeing techniques and the use of hot water to control weeds. In addition, work is being done on a system with which weeds are recognized with a camera and the weeds are treated and combated in a targeted manner with a spot spraying system.

  • Smart Growers: Intelligent control of irrigation in asparagus, blueberry and avenue trees using an irrigation model and soil moisture sensors

As part of the Smart Growers project, an irrigation advice model was developed and calibrated for the cultivation of asparagus, blueberries and avenue trees. The model advises the optimal watering and timing based on local specific data such as meteorological stations, soil properties and the crop. In addition, a communication module was also developed that wirelessly collects data from all sensors on the plot. The module then forwards the data to a cloud. A platform visualizes the data from both the model and the soil moisture sensors in real time. Both the irrigation advice model and the sensor network will be demonstrated on the stand.

  • Smart Growers: Applications of drones and cameras for, among other things, drought stress, quality determination and inventory of blueberries, asparagus and avenue trees

The possible applications of drone images for blueberries, asparagus and avenue trees are being investigated within the Smart Growers project. Drought stress in all crops is being examined, among other things. In avenue trees, the focus is on the potential for inventory and quality determination. In addition, a camera setup and protocol are being developed to perform counts of flowers and fruits in blueberries.

  • CIMAT: Catalyst for Innovative Mechatronics in Agricultural Technology

In the CIMAT project, a prototype multi-deployable electric agricultural robot is developed that is combined with task-specific tools for automating tasks in the field at small and medium-sized agricultural companies in Flanders and the Netherlands.

  • INNO-VEG:   on farm experimentation with drone images, soil scans and new statistical methods

INNO-VEG wants to accelerate the introduction of innovation in the vegetable and potato sector. To this end, on-farm experimentation trials were set up with growers in four countries. For these kinds of tests, there is close collaboration with the grower and follow-up with crop sensors, for example via drones. With a well-timed drone flight, it is possible to predict the yield of the entire field. Soil variation was mapped with a soil scan or satellite images. The Agronomics analysis was used to statistically process these trials. This method has been developed for tests abutting in strips and takes the field variation into account.

  • ACROFRUIT: a connection project between the fruit sector and the technology sector

Ever increasing labor costs and uncertainty about the availability of (seasonal) workers is increasing the demand for automation. With time studies on the most labour-intensive and repetitive actions in an orchard, the possibilities for automation are mapped in the ACROFRUIT project. In parallel, technology is tested that can meet these functionalities. Ultimately, a prototype is developed for at least one functionality.

  • Treebot from Exobotic

A Treebot is a lightweight, modular robotic platform that helps nurseries, vineyards and orchards control and treat their plants. The robot can perform tasks such as mapping the growth process of plants, measuring essential plant parameters (such as stem diameter and fruit numbers), detecting diseases and fungi and carrying tools for mowing and spraying. All these tasks can be performed autonomously on the plot.

  • Implement carrier with test field seeder from Lambers LMB

Lambers LMB builds (agricultural) machines tailored to the customer, especially in the field of sowing, spraying, hoeing and fertilization techniques. The expertise lies mainly in the mechanical and hydraulic areas, partners are called upon for controls. Together with the customer, the entire process from design to commissioning is always completed. The implement carrier with test field seeder, controlled via RTK GPS, will be displayed on the stand.

5 pm-6 pm: Closing network reception